Thursday, April 18, 2013

High West Distillery Offerring Whiskey-Flavored Chocolates

   High West Distillery & Saloon, Utah's first legal distillery since 1870, is celebrating two of the world's finest culinary delights with paired flights of its award winning whiskeys and locally handcrafted chocolates.
"When we met Utah's own artisan chocolatier Ruth Kendrick, we knew immediately that her one-of-a-kind gourmet chocolates would be the perfect complements to our whiskeys," High West proprietor David Perkins said. "Our paired whiskey-and-chocolate flight is a gastronomic experience you just have to try."
High West executive chef James Dumas paired four silky chocolate truffles with four High West aged whiskeys: Chocolate Pomegranate and Double Rye!; Mint Chocolate and Rendezvous Rye; Beehive Honey dark chocolate and Son of Bourye; and Aztec Spice and Campfire Whiskey.  As an interesting twist, Dumas also paired High West's two unaged Silver Whiskey's: Meyer lemon-white chocolate and Silver Western Oat; and Dark Chocolate Key Lime and OMG Pure Rye.
Those who embark on High West's chocolate-and-whiskey flight should move from light to dark among the whiskeys, Dumas suggests.  
"I take a sip of whiskey to cleanse the palate, then I slowly chew and enjoy the chocolate, once the palate is coated with the chocolate, I follow with another sip of the whiskey. The alcohol enhances the aromatics of the chocolate for an intense organoleptic experience," Perkins said. "This is the ultimate grown-up dessert."

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