Sunday, June 2, 2013

Saffron Valley Hosts Kebab & Wine Festival

Lamb dish from Saffron Valley.

Saffron Valley invites you to experience a traditionally distinctive menu of grilled kebabs complete with select wine pairings by Young’s Market Company during its 3rd Annual Kebab & Wine Carnival. The kick-off for the 2-week long Kebab & Wine Carnival will begin at its newer downtown location (26 E Street, Salt Lake City) from June 10-16 followed by theSouth Jordan location (1098 W South Jordan Pkwy.) from June 17- 23.
“The Kebab Carnival honors the age old traditional Tandoori style of cooking which is loved the world over by Indian food enthusiasts. What is so unique about Tandoori style of cooking is that it is absolutely flavorful, delicious and very healthy for you,” said Lavanya Mahate, owner of Saffron Valley, in a press release. “We are excited about the upcoming Kebab & Wine Carnival which will present over 25 different varieties of succulent kebabs and wines to go with them.”
Kebabs are chunks or morsels of meats or vegetables marinated in yogurt, fresh and dried herbs and spices and cooked in an open flame Tandoor oven which reaches temperatures over 750 degrees F. Kebabs can also be made with ground meats. Although the typical notion is that kebabs are grilled and served on skewers, they can be removed from the skewers prior to serving. All kebabs during the Carnival come with a generous helping of salad, rice and soup for a hearty dining experience.
In India Tandoori cooking and more specifically Kebabs were popularized during the Moghul era when cooking was taken very seriously and rivalries were common between chefs over recipes, ingredients and whims of kings, who wanted their meat cooked in particular ways. 

Saffron Valley is recreating the magic of the Tandoor to connect  modern day Salt Lake patrons with the ancient Tandoori cuisine through this dedicated Food Carnival.

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