Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One Bite At A Time: Bite Size Cafe & Catering

Ray and Londa Davis, owners of Bite Size Cafe & Catering.

My column on Bite Size Cafe & Catering ran in today's Deseret News.

Ray and Londa Davis have been talking about opening some type of restaurant for many years, and they finally did it.  It's a family affair, with their teen-age daughters helping out at the cafe at 1050 Shepard Lane in Farmington (in the strip mall where Burt Brothers, Javier's are now; and where Kmart and Bukoo's used to be). 

When they came up with the name for their new business, they didn't realize how well the term "Bite Size" dovetailed with the times. WIth people downsizing both their budgets and their appetites, party foods are trending to mini portions with big flavor, such as  "small plates," "cake bites," or 
Tortellini Brochettes are easy to make at home. 
"shooters," where the 
appetizer or dessert is served in shot glass size cups.
If you're doing your own party, Ray shared his secrets for tortellini brochettes, an easy-to-make appetizer that is full of flavor and impressive as well. Buy refrigerated cheese-filled tortellini, boil them to just before the “al dente” stage so that they hold their shape and are easy to work with. Roll up a  slice of  meat (Ray likes to use Capicola ham or prosciutto, but you could also use turkey or even pepperoni)  to a ¾-inch square and skewer it between two of the tortellinis.  Drizzle the brochettes with pesto that’s been thinned with water or oil, and chill until time to serve.

For more information, check the Bite Size website,

Cavin and Londa Davis setting out triple-chocolate cake bites.

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