Tuesday, December 6, 2011

BIGGEST LOSER: Final Three -- John, Antone or Ramon?

Was anyone surprised that John Rhode and Antone Davis made it to the Final Three of the "The Biggest Loser" Season 12 finale? I had both of them pegged from the beginning because of their  determination and competitive drive.

The drawback for John was his lack of friendships with the rest of the players. Had he not worked soooo hard to keep himself above the yellow line, he would have been voted off a long time ago. But in Tuesday's episode where the contestants were home, I thought it was weird that everyone made a big deal about John's wife doing his laundry and cooking his meals so that he could have more time to work out.  I've been doing my husband's laundry and cooking his meals for 28 years now.  Is there something I'm missing here?

Both John and Antone showed they could be ruthless, which unfortunately is a necessity in these reality series, no matter how "nice" everyone seems.  Antone criticized John when he gave Sunny Sinclair a one-pound penalty and then voted to eliminate her from the show, but in a previous episode Antone voted to eliminate his own ROOMMATE, Joe Mitchell. Joe was stunned; he didn't realize that as a former NFL player, Antone knows all about blindsiding. I was a big Antone fan up until then.

Which brings us to Ramon Medeiros, who got there by winning the marathon. There is no online fan voting  for a finalist this time.  Ramon was already eliminated, but the new rule that the marathon winner would automatically be a finalist saved him. Otherwise, Ramon's good friend Vinny would have been in the final three. 

I thought after winning the marathon, Ramon would still have to face a weigh-in with the other final four players, but he didn't.  Fair or not, I've always liked Ramon's positive attitude. He and Jessica are a cute couple, and I'll bet she loves his new haircut and those dimples. I think both of them will make great trainers at their new jobs at The Biggest Loser Resort. Former contestant Sam Poueu was also working as a trainer for The Biggest Loser Resort, before he was seriously hurt after falling from a four-story building in San Francisco in September. Word is that Sam is making an almost miraculous recovery, but he has lots of rehabilitation ahead of him.  

Who do you think will win? I think either John or Antone will win, and both of them probably deserve it because they've pushed so hard. Who do I wish would win? Ramon. For the at-home prize, I'd like to see Patrick win it.  He was pretty selfless about sacrificing himself and getting sent home early on. As for the women, Courtney seems to be in great shape so she's a likely contender.  

As I've mentioned before,  I still don't like the "Battle of the Ages" theme.  Dividing teams into age groups gave the older folks a major handicap. Older bodies simply can't take as much wear and tear with tough workouts. During the "Where Are They Now?" special, trainer Bob Harper admitted that older people have to work harder to lose weight.  Not only that; the older team had a harder time with the physical challenges, and thus couldn't win any advantages that might have saved them from elimination. But to their credit, the oldsters persevered. All of the older team but Bonnie (who was scheduled for knee surgery) finished the marathon. 

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