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The Facebook page, "Pray For Sam Poueu," is posting updates from family and close friends of Sam Poueu, the former "Biggest Loser" contestant who was critically injured last Saturday in a fall. The latest, from Patti Anderson posted Friday afternoon, "Stephanie just called and Sam is out of surgery. The doctor said it was a SUCCESS!! Thank you sweet Jesus and thank you everyone who prayed for Sam. Keep praying, he's got a long journey ahead. Also pray for Stephanie & our families to help us 
every step along the way. God love you all."

Patti Anderson is the mother of Sam's fiancee, Stephanie Anderson. Patti and Stephanie were partner contestants  on "Biggest Loser" Season 9, where Stephanie and Sam first met.

TMZ and reported that Poueu fell several stories from a building last Saturday, and was in critical condition in a San Francisco hospital. Their reports also said he was  conscious and is being treated for a pelvic injury, torn ligaments, a punctured lung and a broken leg. For more info about the accident and an update on Sam's recovery, check here:

Fans may recall that Sam, 24, and his cousin, Koli Palu, were partners on the "Biggest Loser" Season 9, with a goal of inspiring their Samoan community. Sam didn't win the top prize, but he did win the heart of fellow contestant Stephanie Anderson.  The couple got engaged in 2010.  

The "Pray For Sam" Facebook page has marshaled Sam's many fans from around the world, who are selling wristbands  to raise money for medical expenses, sharing healing-related Bible scriptures, and dedicating their workouts to him. A special prayer time was set for Friday, Sept. 9 at noon Pacific Coast Time, inviting anyone and everyone to stop and offer a prayer on his behalf. Those who want to buy wristbands or donate money can check the Facebook page for website addresses. 

Several  posts from earlier this week  are included here:

Patti Anderson (9.7.11)
Thank you so much everyone for your amazing love and support. Sam will be in awe knowing how many people around the world are praying for him and keeping him close to their hearts. Stephanie, Sam's mom, dad, sisters and all of the Poueu and Anderson families are
 overwelmed and so appreciative. Keep praying, praying & praying!

Koli Palu
Sam Poueu's condition is steadily improving by the hour. This morning he gave three thumbs up on command. He is still in ICU and fighting. Thanks to everyone for there prayers and support. Please keep praying for Sam, he's doing great but has a long fight in front of him

 Ashley Johnston:
Sam Poueu is improving everyday! He is such a fighter. We all saw him fight for his life once, he is fighting again and is making such improvements! Keep praying. Hes not doing this on his own! Xoxo

 Koli Palu:
Sam Poueu has made serious improvement in the last few hours. He has become very responsive to Stephanie Anderson and his Mother, squeezing their hands and kicking his feet. The head trauma has pretty much stabilized. He still has a long way to go but thank you so much for your love and prayers."

Hi Everyone, I visited Sam yesterday and after talking with the family, it is apparent he's a fighter! I have every hope that he will make complete recovery. 

The Biggest Loser Resort is forwarding letters, notes, cards and gifts to Sam's family while he is recovering. They can be sent to:  
 Care Packages for Sam Poueu
The Biggest Loser Resort
327 Latigo Canyon Road
Malibu, CA 90265

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