Monday, September 5, 2011


Sam Poueu, a past contestant from the "Biggest Loser" reality series Season 9, is in the intensive care unit after taking some type of fall, according to Facebook posts from his close friends. 

"Pray for Sam!" posted Sarah Nitta, another past "Biggest Loser" contestant.  "For those who are asking, Sam Poueu from season 9 had an accident and fell, causing some pretty bad injuries. He is a fighter and is doing his best to fight but needs all the prayers he can! I believe in miracles and the power of prayer. PLEASE please please actually stop and pray for him today. His is my dear friend and touches the lives of everyone he meets."
Fans may recall that Sam and his cousin, Koli, were on the show together with a goal of inspiring their Samoan community. Sam didn't win the top prize, but he did win the heart of fellow contestant Stephanie Anderson.  The couple got engaged in 2010.  

Patrick House, a "Biggest Loser" past winner, posted, "Please be praying for Sam from Season 9 of Biggest Loser. He was involved in an accident in San Francisco last night. He is in ICU now. I have not heard anything else from Koli about how he is. I will keep y'all posted as I hear anything." 

A Facebook page, Pray for Sam Poueu BL Season 9, has been set up, and people are talking about making wristbands, sending care packages and so on.  

For an update on Sam's condition, check here: and here:

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Sam is samoan not tongan