Thursday, May 3, 2012

Biggest Loser Finale - Best and Worst

    Well, this painful season of "The Biggest Loser" is over and Jeremy won, after losing 199 pounds -- more t han half of himself.. No surprise. Out of the final three, he had the most weight to lose. Although Kim came within ten pounds of winning, she would have had to cut off an arm or leg in order to lose any more weight. And we knew that Conda couldn't do it.
    Here are my unobjective opinions of the finale:
  Most inspirational moment: Seeing past contestants Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson from Season 9, and hearing that they recently got married. It's nothing short of a miracle that Sam is even alive. Last September he suffered a serious head trauma after falling from a 54-foot roof deck in San Francisco. After undergoing months of surgeries, physical therapy and rehab, there he was sitting on the front row in the audience with the love of his life.
  Look-alikes: Kimmy was wearing what looked like the same purple dress as host Allison Sweeney, and she looked darn good in it!  
  Most flattering dress: Chris Pickler's bright red number had a classic, flowing line. While some of the other dresses were shorter and showed off the contestants' toned legs, many were so tight that they showed all the bulges.
  Best sport: Adrian's comment that "We might be dysfunctional but we're a family," alluding to some of the backstabbing and bullying that went on during the season. Of course, if he had really wanted to take the high road, he would have said nothing. But typical of Adrian, he couldn't resist getting in that little jab.
  Biggest fake eyelashes: Cassandra could have taken them off and lost another pound.
  Best tan: Emily, who looked just as beautiful as you knew she could. Lauren also looked great.
  Prettiest smile:  Megan.
  Best comeuppance: Mike Messina, who won the $100,000 at-home prize, after losing a higher percentage of weight than Conda Britt. Mike was sent packing after just two weeks on the ranch, after enduring a lot of Conda's bad-mouthing. Mike was also criticized by his teammates for his tobacco-chewing habit.  I wonder if he's quit?
  Most emotional contestant: Gail, who cried, blew kisses and proclaimed that she has saved her life. Her 87-pound loss is impressive, until you realize that since she started at 322 pounds, she's now 235. Which is not exactly skinny.
  Worst shoes: Those skyscraper heels that Conda clomped in on. She looked like she was going to fall over in them any minute...which might have given viewers the best moment of the show.
   Most amazing transformation: Chris Pickler looks about 10 years younger, especially with her darker hair color. Now if she could just get her husband to shave off the rest of his beard, they will both look like a younger couple. Really Roy, there's no reason to try to resemble Santa anymore. Trimming it for the finale was a nice touch, though.
   Best-looking of the final three: Kim was stunning in the black sequined mini-dress.
   Biggest effort that didn't work: The whole "Conda has changed her attitude" theme. I don't think the viewers bought into it.
    Biggest backfire: The efforts by the producers to stir up controversy for a ratings. The bad attitudes of the contestants just turned off a lot of the regular fans. Maybe people tuned in because they couldn't resist seeing who Conda was going to attack next. But having a group of unlikeable contestants does nothing for advertising, or for all the spinoff "Biggest Loser" products. Would you buy a cookbook with recipes from Jeremy and Conda? Or exercise DVDs featuring Mark and Chism? Or eat Subway sandwiches and Jennie O turkey breast because of Kim and Buddy?
   I didn't think so.

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Anonymous said...

I definitely would buy a Jeremy/Conda cookbook. :) I did end up liking Conda towards the end, mostly because she's related to Jeremy, lol. The editors tried so hard to make her look good, but they spent the first half of the season making her into a villain. It's all editing and perception. Don't believe everything you see on reality TV for god's sake.