Saturday, June 30, 2012

Biggest Loser Sarah Nitta Becomes a Mom

Deni Hill and daughter Sarah Nitta at Biggest Loser finale.
Sarah Nitta of Season 11's "The Biggest Loser"  is now a proud mother, with another baby on the way. The road to motherhood wasn't easy, though.

Those who watched BL remember that Sarah said she wanted to lose weight to become healthy enough to bear children.  She did lose 106 pounds, but a round of fertility treatments and in vitro fertilization in 2011 ended in disappointment. 

She felt she needed some time for her heart and body to heal before attempting more fertility treatments.  So she and husband Jason decided to try to adopt a baby. In April, just three weeks after the couple was chosen for adoption, they found out they were also pregnant — not one, but two miracles coming to the Nitta family. 

Photos Sarah posted on Facebook this past week show her cuddling newborn Jade Kiyoko Nitta, with Grandma Deni Hill (at-home winner of Season 11 Biggest Loser) also welcoming her newest grandchild.  Sarah is due with another little girl in October.

She has been working as a social media specialist for The Biggest Loser Resort in Ivins, Utah. 

In April, Sarah posted on Facebook: MOST EXCITING STATUS UPDATE OF MY WHOLE LIFE!!! We are adopting a baby girl due the end of June and finally starting our family!!! We are SOOO excited and feel so blessed! But wait... there's more. Three weeks after we were chosen to adopt I found out I AM PREGNANT! I am 15 weeks and due in Oct! So we are having TWO BABIES!!!! God is great!"

And I couldn't agree more with your last statement. God IS great. Congratulations, Sarah!

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