Friday, June 15, 2012

Wacky Apple's New Line of Organic Kid-Friendly Juices

If you are looking for organic juice and fruit snacks for your kids, you can now find Wacky Apple certified organic  items in Whole Foods Markets throughout Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Kansas. 
Wacky Apple offers five flavors of  100% juice: apple, apple grape, fruit punch, grape and wild berry. The juices come in 6.8-ounce cups for easy sipping. Price is $4.99 for a box of six. (Unfortunately, organic DOES cost more, folks.)
Wacky Apple is a Colorado, family owned and operated company located on the western slope in the town of Hotchkiss. The farm never use pesticides. A company press release claims that Wacky Apple items as "naturally sweeter," because of the Colorado farming climate of sunny warm days and crisp cool nights.  I tried the original apple juice, and it does taste really sweet, even though there's no added sugar. In fact, I'd pour it over a few ice cubes when serving it to dilute the sweetness.
The company also carries apple sauces and "flat fruit," which is a natural fruit snack (my kids call it "fruit roll-ups," and I call it "fruit leather.") What I like about these is they are made of real fruit and fruit juice.  A lot of commercially made fruit roll ups boast that they are "made with real fruit," but when you look at the ingredients list, they contain sugar and corn syrup as well.  In contrast, the Wacky Apple  wild berry "flat fruit" is made from organic apples, blackberries, apple juice concentrate and wild berry flavoring. They taste pretty good, too, but your kids might get suspicious that they don't have the day-glow bright artificial colors. 
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