Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Communal Serving Saturday Brunch

What are you doing with your Saturday morning? Before you answer, you should know that Communal (102 N University Ave. in Provo) is now serving Brunch Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm. 
    Communal’s brunch reflects the restaurants commitment to fresh local ingredients. Eggs come from Clifford Family Farm, whether sunny-side up with their Summer Vegetable Hash, or as an integral component of the batter for German Pancakes with Greek Yogurt and White Peaches. Clifford Family Farm has been raising vegetables and all-natural eggs for a decade now and they are a regular fixture at the Downtown Salt Lake Farmer’s Market. 
    Communal also makes its bacon and pork sausage in-house with Berkshire hogs raised by Christiansen’s Family Farm in Vernon, Utah. 
    Communal also offers fruit juices from Winder farms. 
    As Communal’s chefs are always on the lookout for the best local ingredients, the brunch menu is subject to minor weekly changes as opportunity and inspiration dictate. 

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