Monday, April 11, 2011

Save on Gas and Groceries

Smith’s Food & Drug Stores today announced a new “rewards” card fuel program, to save customers up to $1 per gallon when they gas up at any Smith’s location or participating Shell stations. 
Smith’s has had a food-and-fuel deal in place for the past few years.  Utah shoppers with a “rewards” card could get 5 cents, 10 cents, or 15 cents off per gallon of gasoline at Smith's fuel stations,  depending on the amount of groceries purchased. If you use a Kroger credit card, you could get an additional 5 cent discount. 
With the new program, customers choose whether to “cash in” their rewards points at the pump, or hold onto rewards points and save later through their personalized gold envelope rewards mailing at the end of each quarter.
No minimum purchase is required.  Each dollar spent will earn one point when using a rewards card at Smith’s and Smith’s Marketplace.  Fifty additional points are earned through prescription purchases.  Each 100 rewards points earned may now be redeemed as a savings of 10 cents per gallon at the pump up to $1 per gallon (maximum 35 gallons). Any rewards points not used toward fuel savings will be converted to a personalized rewards check mailed along with valuable coupons to loyal Smith’s customers each quarter.
As an incentive, any Smith’s customer using a rewards card for any single purchase made from April 13-19 will be automatically credited with 200 extra points, which may be redeemed as 20 cents per gallon in fuel savings or saved toward their quarterly rewards mailing. Customers may visit their “My Smith’s” page at to check their total rewards point status at any time.  Original Fresh Values cards will not be honored in fuel programs and should be converted to a rewards card to receive fuel and point certificate benefits. Rewards card questions may be directed to 1-800-576-4377.
It's no secret that gas and grocery prices are going up. If you already have a grocery shopping system to save money, great. If not, this might be something to try. 

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