Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So, in today's Deseret News, my column discussed this NBC's The Biggest Loser season, and how it seemed that many of the contestants were trying to get themselves sent home (  Since I've read several articles mentioning Deni Hill of Bountiful enjoys Zumba classes, I added that I hoped to someday bump into her in a Zumba class.
Deni Hill and daughter Sarah at the beginning of this seasons' Biggest Loser. 

Well this morning I'm dancing away in my Body Jam class at Skills Fitness in Centerville, and I realized that the woman next to me looked familiar.  I did a double take, and finally got the nerve to ask.  Yes, it was Deni Hill.  "I just wrote a column about you in today's Deseret News," I blurted out.

"Was that you? I read it, and I agree!" she said.

  She's not allowed to do interviews with the press without NBC's authorization, but I don't know if a chance meeting in an exercise class qualifies as an interview. The only "press" we're thinking of is "bench press."

And let me say that Deni looks fabulous! I wouldn't be surprised at all if she wins the at-home $100,000 prize at the weigh in, which is coming up very soon.

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