Wednesday, May 18, 2011


That's what Harmon's is doing at its new store in Farmington.  There's an upstairs mezzanine that overlooks the store, nicely set up with nice tables and chairs and even an area with sofas and a fireplace. Since I was at the store today around noon, I noticed that the area attracts a lot of diners during the lunch hour. They  buy a meal in the deli area, and go upstairs to eat it.  There's also a cooking classroom, where culinary classes are taught by chef "J" Degenhardt.  
But Bob and Randy Harmon — Utah's independent grocers — are taking it a step further with Friday night "Date Nights." You get a four-course meal cooked by chef J Degenhardt.  There's usually live music, and heck, what could be more romantic than watching your neighbors load up their shopping carts down below? And of course, you don't have to stop somewhere on the way home to pick up that gallon of milk. It's $35 per person. Info at

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