Thursday, June 16, 2011


Olympic gold medalist Rulon Gardner and Justin Pope were best friends and weight-loss partners on last season’s “The Biggest Loser,” reality series.  But this week, the two dissolved their partnership in their Logan gym, Rulon Gardner Elite Training Center.

While interviewing Justin for a Deseret New “summer shape-up” story on Monday afternoon, he said he would have to find another venue to teach his “Call Out” fitness classes, because, “As of two hours ago, I sold my share of the gym.”
I called the gym. Rulon’s wife, Kami called me back and confirmed that, “We are buying him out and we are merging with another gym.”

When I asked about trying to get an interview with Rulon about his abrupt exit from the show, she said that might be possible. “He sent out an official statement before the show ended, but he wasn’t able to talk to any press until the show ended.  But now he is. He’s actually making a comeback in wrestling.”
But so far, I haven't heard from him. 
Justin Pope: before and after

Justin was reluctant to comment on whether or not the friendship had soured or if the reality show had something to do with the gym sale. But he did say, “Rulon and I started heading down opposite roads not too long after we got there.  He decided he wanted to play a different game.  He’s trying to make a career for himself.  He’s an Olympic athlete and all about winning, and you can’t knock him for being that way. I don’t have any hard feelings towards him, it is what it is.”
Rulon made no bones about being competitive during the show. In the episode where he said he was leaving for “personal reasons,” he told one of the trainers that he wasn’t there to form relationships, he was there to get in shape.  And he's now down to his fighting -- or wrestling -- weight.

I'm curious to find out what fans of the show are thinking about this. Do you think Rulon can take back his title? 

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Anonymous said...

Rulon cheated on Biggest Loser like he no doubt has cheated at everything he's ever been involved with. He was given the option to leave, if he had chosen not to leave of his own accord, he would have been kicked off.
The guy is pure scum.