Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Reality series thrive on controversy, and this season's "The Biggest Loser" has found it.

The second episode, Mike was sent home after some heated confrontations with teammate Conda. Mike seemed to be a loner, and his tobacco-chewing habit didn't endear him to the rest of the team. But Conda's attack seemed way out of line, nit-picking on Mike's workouts as if she spent the whole time with a stopwatch and took notes.

It's one thing to "call out" someone  to spur that person on to do better. Conda, however, seems to be the girl who calls attention to everyone else's flaws when she  has no room to talk. (For an update on the Conda controversy, check http://chewandchat.blogspot.com/2012/02/biggest-loser-condadaphne-face-off.html)

Then last week she accused Cassandra of cheating in an exercise competition. When they had a re-do and Cassandra was the clear winner, Conda didn't really eat her words, so to speak. She delivered a Subway sandwich to Cassandra with saccharine kindness, and Cassandra responded likewise.  I think we can expect more fireworks between these two.

In last night's episode, trainer Dolvett had enough of Conda's snotty attitude, and kicked her out of the gym. A humbled Conda apologized and ended up with a 10-pound weight loss.
But are what we seeing a true picture of Conda? In an exit interview, teammate Lauren was quoted as saying that people were getting a false impression; that although Conda could be blunt and speak her mind, she was an "awesome person."  That's a pretty nice thing for Lauren to say, considering she was voted off when it seemed apparent that Conda should have been the one to oust.

In the past, contestants have complained that they were unfairly villified with selective editing. It's true that you can edit OUT certain things, but you can't put words in someone's mouth. I've also noticed that Conda's brother Jeremy seems to offer up a lot of witty comments about teammates that have an edge of snarkiness. Maybe it runs in the family.Then Chris had a meltdown, shutting herself in the bathroom and telling her "Santa Claus" husband "bleep- bleep- bleep" — we caught the gist. Trainer Bob Harper talked her down from the ledge — something that he didn't seem willing to do with the other weepy contestant, Gail.

And speaking of controversy, am I the only one who senses that the tension between trainers Bob and Dolvett is manufactured? The eye-rolling, the muttering — it just feels like they're play-acting for the camera.


Ellen said...

So when did you watch the Biggest Loser last night? I assumed it wasn't airing due to President Obama's State of the Union address. Was it on afterward? Too bad I missed it!

Valerie Phillips said...

Ellen, BL was just one hour last night. I had my recorder going so I caught most of it. You can also go on NBC and watch it online.