Tuesday, January 31, 2012

BIGGEST LOSER: Conda Controversy

On last night's episode of "The Biggest Loser," the red team blew the perfect opportunity to get rid of the back-biting and bad feelings on the team.  But instead of voting off mouthy Conda, they voted off Nancy, a grandma who dared to be a grown-up in comparison with Conda and Kim.  Nancy called out  Conda and Kim about their constant griping about the new teammate, Adrian; so they turned on her.  And Nancy was one of the weaker players who didn't put up big numbers so she was an easy target.

Had they voted off Conda, it would have broken up the obvious Mean Girls alliance with Kim, and to some extent, Kimmy.  Kim would have to put up or shut up, or get voted off.
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Every week, Conda has a mad-on about someone. First it was Mike, who she griped about and bad-mouthed to get him eliminated. The next week, she accused Cassandra of cheating when Cassandra beat her in a competition. Poor sport!  Next, she disrepected trainer Dolvett, and he kicked her out of the gym to break her attitude. This week the target was newcomer Adrian. He and his sister Daphne were on the Aqua team that didn't make it on to the ranch. But, if they could lose at least 50 pounds by week four, they could come back — and they nailed it.

They had missed four weeks of the bonding process that the others have been through, but they didn't seem to realize that they wouldn't be automatically accepted by their teams. Why were Kim and Conda soooooo offended by Adrian's big personality?  So what if Adrian told them he worked out 14 hours a day? He proved during the workouts that he could keep up with the rest of the team.  They wanted to make sure he knew his place as the new kid on the block.  But nobody really considered his feelings about trying to break into the clique and getting the cold shoulder.  Everyone acted like junior high kids.  The guys let Kim and Conda disrespect Adrian when they should have stuck up for him.  Mark lectured about stopping the bad feelings, but he made it seem that Adrian was just as much at fault. And Mark confronted Adrian about not losing more during the weigh-in, which led to obvious friction. But Conda only lost two pounds as well. Why didn't they call her out on that? And why didn't they take the opportunity to send her home? Even Adrian, who bore the brunt of Conda's ill-temper all week, didn't write down her name.

Adrain is a big, strong guy who can help in challenges, and will probably put up big numbers now that his immunity is gone. He's an asset to the team.  Whiners are not.  Kim has no room to talk about anyone being brash; during week 2, she and Kimmy over-bid the amount that the red team would lose, which gave the black team a five-pound advantage and a weigh-in win.

I'm wondering if Conda is watching herself on TV and claiming that she was unfairly portrayed as the Drama Queen on the show.  In past seasons, Vicky Vilcan and Heather Hansen (of Bountiful, Utah) claimed that they were edited to look bad, and they didn't even realize it until they started watching the episodes as they aired.

It's true that things can be edited out; but you can't edit words coming out of someone's mouth. I just wish someone would put a sock in Conda's.


Anonymous said...

Great blog.. a fan of the biggest loser I'm fed up with Conda so I started a Vote Conda off the biggest loser face book page. Like it if you want. I shared your blog I hope that is ok.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, Conda annoys me and I so wish that she was the one to go... NOT Nancy. I feel they made a bad choice, because had they gotten rid of Conda the negativity would have gone with her. I see her as a drain on the red team and she does nothing to encourage herself or her teammates. (tsk tsk)

I was wondering the same thing when Mark called Adrian out for only losing 2 pounds - What about all the other really low numbers of the night? Hmmm...

Valerie Phillips said...

Hey Anonymous, thanks for sharing my blog on the Vote Conda Off Facebook page! Given that viewers dislike her so, I keep wondering why the Red Team puts up with her. Ditto Kim. Maybe the viewers aren't shown everything that's going on behind the scenes?
Valerie Phillips

Anonymous said...

Conda is the worst person I've ever seen on the biggest loser. She is the kind of person that causes trouble wherever she goes, and woe to the person or people that have to work with her. I can't stand to watch her, to the extent that I've contemplated not watching at all. I am so disappointed that Kim has gotten in with her, because I like her a lot, but her suck attitude seems to influence her. Conda is a dangerous person in life- she is the kind of person that will destroy a person for fun, or bring a frivolous lawsuit to get revenge. She's trash!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Conda's attitude. I just get mad and upset watching her on the show. I've decided to stop watching until she gets voted off.

Anonymous said...

Thought I was alone in this....didnt wanna seem prejudice but, I can defntly say Conda and Kim r, didnt even give the man a shot....he also worked hard to come back and was proud mayb too proud but were from the CHI baby and PRide is all we got. #gatdamit

Anonymous said...

I think they did a very poor job thisShane year inand in casting. I don't have any emotional investment in the contestants.