Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Mist Dinner at $150 Per Person Sold Out

Awhile back I wrote about a "guerilla" restaurant, Mist, which would be open from Jan. 19-Feb. 19, serving a 15-course dinner for $150.

I'm talking $150 per person, not per family.

There must be some adventurous eaters out there with money, because the restaurant is completely sold out for its nightly limit of 36 diners.

Perhaps it was the exclusivity of the event that lured people, or maybe there's a lot of interested in chef Gavin Baker's Michelin-caliber cuisine.

A guerilla restaurant is a temporary restaurant that opens in a non-traditional location. The restaurant was originally planned for a plant shop, but that plan was scrapped a few days before the opening and moved to the former Metropolitan restaurant.

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