Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BIGGEST LOSER: Daphne's Disappointing Exit

  Well, this season of "The Biggest Loser" just went from bad to painful, as far as I'm concerned. Last week,  I had no respect for the remaining players on the Red Team for the way they treated newcomer Adrian and his sister Daphne.  Now I've lost all respect  for the Black Team, except for Chris, who didn't try to "play the game" and sabotage the weigh-in. I expected better from Emily and Cassandra especially.
  Last week Conda got her come-uppance when Daphne won the weigh-in against her. But Daphne shot herself — and the rest of her team — in the foot this week by trying to take control of her destiny.  After being promised anonymity, she had siblings Jeremy and Conda switch teams. That only made Conda seem like a victim instead of the bully, and it strengthened the Red team. Had Daphne let well enough alone, the Red Team would no one else to vote off except  members of their own little clique.... unless  Conda and Mark could influence Jeremy and Chism to throw the weigh-in and get rid of Daphne and Chris.. a real possibility after seeing the game-play that went on tonight. 
  Those who have watched this show for a few years might remember that whenever someone takes the "power" to switch up the teams, that person is ALWAYS resented by everyone else, no matter what choices they make. Apparently Daphne didn't remember that. She also didn't realize the immense (and mystifying) power that Conda and Jeremy seem to wield with the rest of the players. Even Cassandra, who was accused of cheating by Conda a few episodes ago, willingly threw the weigh-in.  
  But, perhaps there was nothing that Daphne could have done to save herself, except for losing enough weight each week to keep immunity. The Aqua team seemed doomed from the minute they stepped back onto the ranch and into what seems to be a junior high ruled by Mean Girls. They were given the cold shoulder and never given a chance. Who knows how they would have reacted had they been welcomed and befriended?
  To his credit, Bob tried to get the other teammates to accept Daphne. He even got talked her into admitting her blunder with the switch-up in order to try to regain her team's trust. But maybe his constant talk of "revenge" last week helped fuel the fire and kept Daphne's emotions running high. And he never called out the rest of the Black Team for throwing the weigh-in.
   Dolvett never really tried to address the toxic behavior of his team. With Conda gone to the Black team, now he won't have to!   
  I don't think I'm the only person who is finding this season difficult to watch. It reminds me of a situation when I was a new hire in a job where everyone else had been there for quite a few years. It was tough to "break in" and develop friendships. One person in the department, like Conda, constantly stirred up drama and picked on people. Nobody dared to stand up to him. They just tried to stay on his good side so they wouldn't be his next target. This seems to be what's happening with the remaining BL players who don't want to invoke the Wrath of Conda. Maybe Joe was the smart one to pack his bags and leave while he could!  

4 comments: said...

I quit watching. I didn't even watch this week's episode. It's too violent to watch all the mobbing (a form of bullying) going on. This is my new favorite page:

Joey said...

I have long enjoyed this show, but I totally agree with your blog. It was most disheartening to see the Black team throw the weigh in the way they did. The discomfort of Emily and Cassandra as they tried to lie on the scale by posting flimsy excuses was excruciating to watch.

During the elimination, I couldn't believe that Cassandra told Daphne to stop talking when Conda was the one who kept fueling the fire. It is unfathomable that no one seems to have the courage to call her out, including the trainers.

I don't want to give up on the show. I can only hope that next season is better. But I can't stomach any more episodes like last nights. So sad. It used to be so inspiring.

Jenn4270 said...

Well said, Valerie! I shared my thoughts on my blog as well...I'm trying to build up my readership and get some followers, so please follow me!

StarvingBitch said...

Tuesday episode will be my last. It is terrible to watch bullying being done and nobody can see it, they just get caught up in it. Gross. Just gross.

This is the most embarrassing 200th episode ever. Daphne was staying classy in the elimination room until Conda opened her big mouth yet again. She's an immature individual that I can no longer support by watching.