Thursday, February 16, 2012


Many fans of "The Biggest Loser" reality series were disappointed, and even angered, when Roy Pickler, a.k.a. Santa Claus, was voted off by the Red Team last Tuesday night.

Message boards, blogs, and Facebook posts have denounced the Red Team for its actions and lauded Roy for his kindess and integrity. And yes, I'm one of those bloggers who has posted about the Red Team's bickering and bullying.
The guy loses 9 pounds, but is criticized by his teammates for not working as hard as the rest of the team! Yet, Buddy only lost 7 pounds, and Kimmy lost 4.
Roy made a gracious exit Tuesday night. Ever the gentleman, he posted the following statement on his Facebook page about Red Team's decision, and even asks fans to support his former teammates.

"If there is such a thing as an official statement this is it! I didn't understand why I was voted off until I watched the last two episodes of TBL, but there was a reason for my team mates vote and it was sound thinking on their part. Both my wife and I had a lot of distractions and difficulties my last two weeks at the ranch. I won't go into a lot of detail, but to name a few, her's was wanting to get more attention from Bob on the weight loss journey and being hurt by his decision to take Daffney for his private training lessons at her home, when Daffney had only been home the week before and Chris had not seen her kids in 9 weeks and had just asked Bob for more help. For me it was some behind the scenes stuff and my not being able to help Chris more with her problems. All that to say Chris and I were working out alone and off camera, while working through these interpersonal issues. When we came to the gym we were already exhausted, but our teams didn't know and we didn't think to tell them. We were just feeling good about the progress we were making on all fronts. Both Chris and I had good weight loss because of these workouts, and we both take credit for part of the miscommunication. Outside of the communication I would not do any of it differently if I had it to do over again. Again I thank all of you for your overwhelming support, and please give my team mates the benefit of your support also!"

So, Roy was apparently trying to support his wife and working out with her instead of his team, who assumed he was just being a slacker. But, the comments below Roy's post don't excuse the Red Team's actions. Many fans feel Roy was punished because he didn't join in their rudeness to newcomer Adrian, or vote to send Adrian home the week before.

One poster wrote, "Roy you are a man of class. They treated you wrong and you should of never been sent home. But we can see how well you are doing at home. Its a shame you aren't there any more cause maybe you could of taught the others how to be decent people who don't judge others." 

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