Friday, February 24, 2012

BIGGST LOSER RUMOR: Did Two Contestants Quit?

A few days ago TMZ reported that remaining contestants on "The Biggest Loser" had threatened to quit the show, stalling production for a week.

Now, TMZ is saying that two of the contestants who staged the walk-out have been "cut loose for good...and the show will continue without them." 

Want to take any bets on who those two contestants might be? I'd hope one was Conda, but she seems   to get everyone riled up, then let someone else take the fall.  

NBC has not commented on the situation, but TMZ posted a photo taken today at the "Biggest Loser" ranch that looked like production has resumed.

 The mass mutiny was supposedly sparked when the remaining contestants learned of a secret plot twist where some eliminated contestants had a chance to come back for a shot at the $250,000 prize. They apparently thought the twist was unfair (or maybe they didn't want to face some of those people who they dumped so mercilessly?) 

It seems that in  past seasons, there have been plot twists with eliminated contestants returning, so this shouldn't have been a big surprise.  But would anyone want to watch another painful round of the Adrian/Daphne drama? It seemed to bring out the worst in everyone.  

Matt & Suzy Hoover, a past "Biggest Loser" winner and runner-up (who met on the show and ended up marrying each other) have weighed in about the situation on You Tube - They pointed out that because the show is filmed so far in advance, whatever is happening won't be aired on the show until May. Suzy also mentioned that her friend, Vicky Vilcan, was edited as a "villain" when in real life, she's pretty nice. Coulda fooled some of us who watched that season!

It will be interesting to see if this situation becomes part of a story line, or if the two contestants will just be gone without any explanation. Then again, the story could be a ratings-boosting hoax.  

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Anonymous said...

I hope its not Conda just because I really really hope she is not one of the final 4. I want her out now.