Wednesday, March 7, 2012

BIGGEST LOSER: Conda Takes Out Cassandra

Cassandra might have won the "face-off" battle with Conda (when Conda ungraciously accused her of cheating!) but she lost the "Biggest Loser" war last night.  Yes, Conda struck again. This week's twist played right into her hands — the team winning the weigh-in would be the one to vote off the a player for the losing team.

Although Conda played the role of the loyal black team mate, she was running to the red side and stirring them up against Emily and Cassandra.  Are the producers paying this woman to be the show's villain? She seems to be the instigator every time there's controversy.

The idea that Cassandra and Emily would try to vote off some of the guys would hardly be a big secret. After all, the idea is to get rid of your biggest threats.  But Conda made it sound sooo diabolical. And since no footage of this supposed coversation was aired on TV, who's to say that it even happened? Besides Conda, that is?

With family ties still on the red team, Megan and Condra knew they were safe, so they could coast into the weigh-in and show a better number for next week.  It apparently didn't bother them at all that they would be throwing another teammate under the bus. Lucky for Emily, she was able to pull out the best weight loss for immunity. Although it seems that Chris has no friends on either team, she apparently isn't perceived as a threat by Mark and Buddy. So Cassandra was sent packing. I wonder when it dawned on her that Conda sold her out.

But, Cassandra was foolish to trust Conda in the first place. She didn't mind game-playing with Conda to throw the weigh-in and vote off Daphne.  And her constant bad-mouthing of Chris last night didn't endear her to me either. It's weird how some people have so much time to worry about other people's workout efforts instead of paying attention to their own.

Although the other players complain that Chris is aloof and remote, maybe that's a protection mechanism for her... get too close to these people and they stab you in the back. Yes, she's been whiny, but she has played the game with integrity, from what we've seen on the show.  When everyone else deliberately gained weight in order to vote Daphne off,  Chris pulled out a five-pound loss, and she didn't vote for Daphne because she had promised Daphne she would never write down her name.  Chris doesn't have a family member to save her, and she is not in a clique, so she's vulnerable. But, she's not perceived as a threat, either.

 Of the remaining black team, Emily has the best chance to make it to the finals. But if she and Kim keep trusting Conda, they will both be sorry.


Joey said...

Let's face it; anybody who trusts Conda will be sorry. She has also planted a seed of distrust of Kim. Next time anyone votes, Kim & Emily are up for elimination. I was really surprised that they didn't vote off Chris because they didn't know they would be leaving teams and she can't continue to lose a lot to help them. But it's possible that Conda has held a grudge against Cassandra since she lost the face off. I don't know why Cassandra allowed her to get so close. I don't know why anyone trusts Conda. Kimmy saying, "She's one of my own." Really? I fear this is the end of TBL. I'm not sure they will be renewed after the ratings drop. And I am bowled over every week by how manipulative one person can be.

Valerie Phillips said...

Joey, So true! But I wonder if the BL ratings have gone down due to the controversy, or if people are complaining but still tuning in just to see what happens next?