Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BIGGEST LOSER: Rumors, Twists and Turns

What will happen tonight on Biggest Loser is anyone's guess. This season has had so many twists and turns.  The rumor that two of the final four contestants will quit is still floating around.  One thing we do know: Chism Cornelison won't be one of them. 

In a stunning upset last week, Chism ended up just one pound shy of saving his team and giving himself immunity. Had he succeeded, it would have meant that either his father, Mark, or Kim would have been sent home.  I have a strong feeling that Kim would have been packing her bags, since Buddy and Jeremy likely would have saved Mark. 

Of course, Mark wanted to trade places with his son and be sent home. But he seemed a bit too strident and demanding, as if everyone should just change the rules because he said so. Many, many team members have watched their loved ones go home over the years. It's part of the game. Chism spoke out and realized that his dad can't always be there to fight his battles for him.

In media interviews since coming home, Chism has admitted the drama in the house was difficult. He said he tried to stay away from it, but got sucked in at times. (Like throwing the weigh-in to send Daphne home? Ya think?) 

Mark and Kim are likely to have a good week at tonight's weigh-in, but I think Kim is missing her kids and that's taking its toll. And Conda no longer has her back with the red team. And what about Conda? If she dips below the yellow line, her new teammates will feel less loyalty to her and send her home.

Maybe Daphne had some method in her madness by making Jeremy and Conda switch teams. It appeared to backfire and Daphne was sent home, but maybe Daphne realized she didn't have a chance anyway, as there were too many alliances already formed by the time she and Adrian showed up.  But switching Jeremy and Conda threw them off-balances as far as alliances go. Kim, and Mark aren't there to save Conda, and Chism is gone, so that clique is being chipped away. 

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Joey said...

Conda seems very adept at making alliances. I've known friends who tried out for the biggest loser. I'm glad they weren't chosen for this season. It's not something I'd wish on my worst enemy.