Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BIGGEST LOSER: Conda's Immunity

Once again, those silly folks on NBC's "The Biggest Loser" lost out on an opportunity to dump Conda Britt, arguably the most disliked player in the show's history.
Maybe it was the balmy Hawaiian air that kept them from thinking straight.  During the challenge, the group ran up and down a hill to gather leis and put them on their opponents' tikis. Once someone got 10 leis — or the death lei — they were out.  The last one standing got immunity that week — the most important prize you can win. And guess who got it? Conda — basically handed to her on a silver platter.
Kimmy had a chance to give someone the "death lei." Instead of giving it to Conda, Jeremy or Mark, who already have an advantage because of their alliance, she chose to give it to Kim, who was nearly out anyway.
  At the weigh-in, Conda barely did better than Megan, losing 1.81 percent to 1.52 percent.  Had Megan pushed herself a little harder to lose another pound, and had her mom thought about strategy rather than simply her dislike of Kim,  the mom and daughter duo might still be together the ranch.  I know what they say about hindsight, but really!
  Everyone sat back and let Conda dictate the game, telling Jeremy who to take out next, insuring her immunity. Jeremy is a faithful little brother — too faithful.  He's mentioned that he's never had a girlfriend. Maybe it's because he's too busy trying to please his sister? Something should have clicked when people commented on his letting Conda win, and rather than thanking him, she insisted that she "earned it." Really? How? By being bossy?
  Kim DOES have a target on her back, and she's partly to blame because she trusted Conda and helped Conda ruthlessly eliminate other players. Now she's paying the price. And Kim is not make herself any friends with her strident outspokenness during the voting. I thought it was interesting that Mark came to her and tried to reassure her that he's not out to get her. It will be interesting to see if he holds to his promise.     Chris has also been a target, but she is holding her own.  It's impressive that these two have managed to stay in the game this long without a partner.
  With Kimmy gone, Megan needs to kick into gear, or her days are numbered. Buddy is also disadvantaged because of his stress fracture. He couldn't participate in the challenge to try to get immunity, and he's limited on workouts.  But even without a partner from the very first week, he's held his own. He and Mark have ties to each other, and to Jeremy and Conda.  But they're smart enough to know that when push comes to shove, Jeremy and Conda won't think twice to throw them under the bus.
Jeremy's managed some steady weight loss, but Conda's numbers aren't that great. I can't figure out why everyone bows to her wishes, and those who don't are soon out the door.  Please, someone force-feed her a few chocolate milkshakes and bags of Oreos!  If she falls below the yellow line, will people be smart enough to vote her off while they can?


Anonymous said...

I don't see them voting her off. Kim said that she wasn't surprised that no one took her out during the challenge because they all like her. I guess she must have charms that we don't see on camera. But I have also seen the look on opponents faces when they realize for the first time that she has no loyalty to them. Mark looked shocked that they turned on him and I think it was a wake up call.

Percentage wise, she and Megan are the lowest. Chris can't keep losing at this rate. Kim has the highest percentage and has totally won it already if you count it on effort. But she knows she made a mistake trusting. Too late, Kim! Too late!

And don't even get me started about Kimmy's strategy (?)! The fact she let her personal dislike show in such a way, a senseless, stupid use of the death lei. Well, I don't know what else to say. She may now be thinking, E' tu Conda?

sandy said...

WOW!!!! I finally figured out why Kim and Conda ripped Adrian apart. First of all, what has Kim been saying like a child this whole season. I DON'T LIKE TO LOSE!!! Well who won in the beginning against the aqua team? KIM. And when they brought the aqua team back Kim felt like she lost. Like they took her win awayFFS!!! And as for Conda , Look at her little girl. I am no rocket scientist but she looks like she would have a father of African American and he probably didn’t like Conda and left her all alone so yes Conda got everyone to side with her just to vote Adrian off ,just like she did with Mike. What a bunch of snakes in the grass these ppl are. Their losers alright. The biggest ones. The show took on a whole new meaning of the biggest losers. They are ppl who are losers in themselves.