Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cooking Soup on "Good Things Utah"

Today I did a cooking segment on "Good Things Utah" with  my Quick Chicken Tortilla Soup with Avocado from my "Soup's On!" cookbook.

I cut up about 5 avocados yesterday trying to decide whether I should go with the spoon method of peeling and pitting, or the knife method. At home, I often do the knife method (where you hack the pit with the knife and then twist it a little so it pops out, then dice it while it's sitting in your hand). But I realize that can be dangerous with one bad move.  When I mentioned "knife" I could feel the host next to me kind of flinch, and I found out that he had, indeed, had a cutting mishap that involved the ER and stitches.  So I made a split-second decision and decided to to the spoon method (digging the pit out with the spoon, and digging the flesh out on a cutting board to dice it).

These TV things involve a lot of prep work, but there was one bonus: From all of the practice avocados, I was able to make a yummy guacamole!

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