Monday, August 1, 2011


Roasted Corn From Pizzeria 712: Orem, Utah

Food Network Magazine editors set out to find the best pizza in each state and in the September issue, they reveal the winners.  

The choice for Utah was Pizzeria 712's Roasted Corn Pizza. 

According to the article,  "Owners Joseph Macrae and Colton Soelberg have pizza-making down to a science: They keep their wood-burning oven at precisely 712 degrees F., the magic number at which they think pizza crusts char perctly. Among the best of their pies is the least traditional one: roasted corn, fresh chiles, grana padano and gremolata, a traditional herb mixture, for $13. 

Pizzeria 712 is located at 320 S. State Street in Orem (
 How does the magazine determine these "best of" choices?  In the past, I participated in a few of these articles done by the Food Network Magazine.  An editor contacted me and asked for a list of interesting burgers served in Utah.  About a year later, I was asked about uniquely Utah breakfasts.  In both cases, I sent a list of several, which they narrowed down to one, and then I wrote a brief description. The FN editors chose the Acme Burger's lamb burger, and Sill's Cafe's scone in those instances.  I wasn't contacted about the pizza story, so I don't know what food writer in Utah might have been involved in the choice.

Although getting national exposure helps to put you on the map, it doesn't guarantee success. Although Sill's Cafe is going strong, Acme Burger went out of business awhile ago. 

The September issue of Food Network Magazine hits newsstands on August 9.  To see all of the magazine’s choices and to find out which pie made the list in your state, visit


Kathy Stephenson said...

Hey Val....without you around, they had to go to their second choice. Me!

Valerie Phillips said...

I'm glad they chose someone with good taste, Kathy!