Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Biggest Loser Season 13 Finale Predictions

Three of the most disliked "Biggest Loser" contestants ended up as finalists for the $250,000 prize, even after the other players had a chance to come back and vie for one spot at the finale.  I realize that Conda, Jeremy and Kim have fans out there (unless all those people cheering at their homecoming party were actors). But there are thousands of negative comments on message boards, Facebook pages, blogs, etc. The majority of the complaints are directed at Conda Britt, but Kim and Jeremy were part of her alliance.

Mark and Buddy, two other members of that alliance, packed up their toys and went home because they didn't like the twist that let all the other contestants to come back.  I wonder if Buddy now regrets all his talk about owning himself, and that he's not a quitter even if he did quit "The Biggest Loser." He could have won the prize money. Yes, it's got to be hard feeling like you're simply a pawn in the producer's chess game. But, as the lawyer pointed out, that's what they signed up for.

Just as I started thinking maybe Conda isn't so bad, she threw a tantrum during last week's weigh-in when brother Jeremy was knocked out as a finalist. She blurted out that Kim didn't "deserve" to be in the finals -- after Kim lost 15 pounds to Jeremy's 10.  Really?

But she didn't need to worry, as Jeremy beat out all the former contestants in a series of challenges to earn that third spot at the finale. I predict he will be the winner. Kim can't lose much more before she's nothing but skin and bones. Conda got where she's at by bullying, backstabbing and bossing, and I don't think she has the determination to work hard enough to best Jeremy. Will Jeremy hand over the prize to her, as he did when he won past challenges?

Jeremy by himself seems like a nice enough guy, with a wry sense of humor. Kim has shown that she has a lot of competitive drive. But both of them were part of Conda's clique.  Kim joined in with Conda in ostracizing Adrian and his sister Daphne when they rejoined the show. And when Conda said "Jump," Jeremy said "How high?"

Next week is the finale, and then we can bid farewell to the show's most controversial season ever. There seemed to be a lot of bad feelings going on among the contestants. You don't find that much eye-rolling even in an optometrist's office.

Thirteen has definitely been an unlucky number as far as this season goes. I hope producers will take note and try for a kinder, gentler group of contestants, and make those twists and turns less twisted.


Joey said...

I hope there is another season. I've always enjoyed, and even looked forward to the show.

I'm opting out of the finale.

Loved the see the at home contestants (And don't forget Mark, etc., they ARE contestants.) and got that "fix" yesterday.

Thanks for your blog. I really enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Joey, thanks for your kind words about the blog. Yes, we got to see how well some of the at-home contestants did (or didn't!) at last night's challenge. Looks like Mike or Emily could win are the top contenders for the at-home prize. But everyone still has some time at home, and
people could surprise us at the finale.
That said, I don't blame you for skipping it! I wonder if low ratings will send a message to the show's producers.

Ellen said...

When all is said and done, I wonder which of all of the contestants will have truly lost the highest percentage of body weight? It would be interesting if whoever that was ended up as "The Biggest Loser." Just the fact that these three finalists were part of their alliance goes to show that it is all a game, and I daresay that the "winner" will not necessarily be the one with the most weight loss. But, then, I guess that's not the point anyway, and I'm kidding myself when I pretend that it is.

Valerie Phillips said...

The at-home finalist who wins the $100,000 is a true winner, because it's the highest percentage of weight loss despite being sent home. So there's no game-playing and backstabbing involved.

of the three finalists, I'm guessing that Kim and Jeremy have some of the highest weight loss percentages at this point in the show. And they should, when you consider that they've been on the ranch the longest, with all the advantages of personal trainers, dietitians, and no outside distractions.
I'd be interested in seeing Conda's percentage. In past seasons, the game-playing eventually backfires, as the other players wise up. But in Conda's case, it paid off and she's in the finals.
That's what's been so disappointing about this season.

Anonymous said...

I have never disliked a contestant more than I have disliked Conda. My daughter deals with bullies at school and Conda is a perfect example of one. The infuriating part is that she doesn't even need to win to get the money because you know Jeremy (who will most likely win) is either going to share it with her or hand it all right over. According to Conda, what matters most is her daughter (which she barely mentioned up until she visited home)---what do you think her daughter would think of having a mom who bullied people to get her own way? Shame on you Conda, and shame on the Biggest Loser for allowing her behavior to be rewarded.

Anonymous said...

The whole final challenge that got Jeremy back in seemed to be "fixed" to me. Maybe it wasn't, but Lauren looked sooooo sick before she fell off that pedestal then she was fine immediately. Mike was hurting sooooo bad even tho he was in much better shape than Jeremy and yet Jeremy was hardly breaking a sweat! I don't know. I guess I could be wrong but it's just so disappointing that these people have ruined this show.