Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The rumors must be correct that "The Biggest Loser" contestants staged some sort of walk-off and threatened to quit. From what we saw on last night's previews, it looks like the situation will be aired as an episode of the show next week. Let's hope Conda Britt is one of the contestants who quits. But by the way things have happened so far this season, I suspect she will rile up everyone else to walk out, but then stick around for that spot in the Final Four. My guess is that Mark will be one of those to leave. When his son Chism was sent home, he immediately demanded to go home in his place, as if the rules should be changed simply because he wanted them to be. Also, Mark's main goal was to help his Chism, and that's a moot point now.

If anyone SHOULDN'T throw in the towel, it should be Buddy.  He has a very good chance to win the $250,000, if he doesn't let Conda and Jeremy mess with his head.
Back in February TMZ reported that the remaining Season 13 competitors were upset when they found out that producers planned a new twist to allow eliminated players back in the game to compete again for the $250,000 prize.
  These kinds of twists aren't so surprising.  Last year, Ramon was eliminated but because he won the marathon, he was in the Final Four.  And in years past, eliminated contestants have come back to compete in a challenge or weigh-in that would allow one person to stay. But, it hasn't happened so close to the finish.  And imagine how Conda would feel about facing  people like Emily or Cassie, who now realize that she back-stabbed them? None of the remaining folks would relish another round with Daphne or Adrian after the nasty way they ousted them. 
But I can see why producers would be tempted to introduce such a plot twist. The show has become un-watchable because there's nobody left to cheer for. 
Fans have been pretty vocal about their dislike of Conda Britt, who has bullied, backstabbed and bossed her way through the season. And instead of trying to put a stop to it, the other players have been sucked in. Buddy and Conda's brother, Jeremy, seem like nice enough guys on their own, and even Mark has his good moments. Kim is getting some sympathy now that it's obvious she's the odd person out, especially after Chris was eliminated last night. But it's one of those guilt-by-association things. They've all let Conda dictate the game, instead of asking her to tone herself down.  It's amazing that even after she voted Megan off the show, Megan has asked her to be a bridesmaid at her wedding! Are the viewers missing something here? Because even after trainer Bob Harper gushed about how Conda has changed, I still fail to see any redeeming qualities from the footage that's being aired. 
I was saddened that Chris's emotional turmoil led her to binge, and thus to her elimination last night. Although she's had her issues (and melt-downs) over the season, I felt that she played with integrity. She didn't succumb to Conda's plot when the others  on the black team gained weight in an effort to oust Daphne. And when she left, it was with grace and dignity.

This season started out with a crazy plot twist. Most of the competitors were cast for Season 13 along with a relative, and probably assumed they would compete as partners. But the relatives were divided into opposite teams.  It seems that the tension just escalated from there. Maybe 13 really is an unlucky number, or maybe the producers got more than what they bargained for this season. 

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Really cant stand Conda. Everytime the camera shows her, I just want to slap the crap out of her through the tv. She is in the dictionary under "white trash"!