Friday, August 17, 2012

Viet Pham on "Extreme Chef"

    Viet Pham has already established himself as  one of the frontrunners of "Extreme Chef," during  the Food Network's season premiere that aired last night.

   The Salt Lake City chef of Forage proved that he could, indeed, forage amid the rubble of an abandoned tent town to come up with a restaurant-quality meal. ("Beef tongue, baby, beef tongue!") 

He came off as cool and confident, even during the cooking showdown where he did a one-bite amuse bouche of chicken hearts, burning off bits of his cutting board to add smoky flavor.

   But it's obvious that some of the other chefs perceive him as a threat, that person standing in the way of the $50,000 prize. As he said last night, he knows they will be gunning for him, but he displayed a fearless, a "bring it on" attitude.  
  To read my interview with Viet, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Correction: The prize money is $50,000.