Monday, July 25, 2011


Deni Hill and Valerie Phillips at the finish line of 5K. 
This morning I completed the Deseret News/KSL Read Today 5K Walk, with Deni Hill, the at-home winner of "The Biggest Loser" last season.

I'm not in current shape to run a mile, much less a 5K. But,  since Deni ran in a 5K on Saturday and walked 6 miles yesterday, she said she would be happy to take it easy and keep up a brisk walk with me.

 When I've done the 5K or 10K in the past, I felt awkward running or walking down the parade route, on display for all the bystanders to see.  But  this time it was kind of fun when people recognized Deni's
"Biggest Loser" pink T-shirt and  cheered and waved. When I saw our photo together, I thought we kind of looked like a "before and after" shot, with me being the "before." What can I say, except that I'm working on it.

So many people asked Deni for her secret, and she told them, "Calories in, calories out."

 It is inspiring to be around someone who is proof that yes, you really can lose weight.  Maybe it will rub off!


Lo said...

Nice to see you today.

Valerie Phillips said...

Lois, It was good to see you, too! And to see how your little girls have grown up into beautiful young women.