Thursday, July 7, 2011


Duff Goldman's new Food Network show, "Sugar High," photo courtesy of  Food Network.

Fans of the Food Network's "Ace of Cakes" TV show may want to take a look at Duff Goldman's new series that will premiere Aug. 8,  10:30 p.m. Easters and Pacific Time.  
In "Sugar High," Goldman takes cross-country treks to capture the sweet secrets and tasty techniques from the top dessert destinations around the country, according to a press release from the Food Network.

In the six-episode premiere season, Duff visits sweet spots in Los Angeles, Dallas, New Orleans, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia, in search of the nation's best treats.  

“As a staple Food Network icon, Duff has developed a loyal following and this new show gives him an avenue to showcase a different side of his personality while celebrating the food category he loves and the people who create it,” said Bob Tuschman of the Food Network. 

The show is a departure from "Ace of Cakes," which is more of a reality series about Goldman's  Charm City Cakes bakery in Baltimore.

Throughout the season Goldman highlights decadent desserts from chilled bread pudding on the Venice boardwalk in California, tableside s’mores in Dallas, Sno Ballz from the first shaved-ice machine in New Orleans, and a slice of apple strudel in Chicago. Duff also satisfies his sweet tooth with lemon ginger mousse at a hip Asian diner in Boston and traditional rice pudding at a dessert boutique in Philadelphia.

Duff has been cooking since the age of four and started working professionally at a bagel shop in a mall when he was 14. After graduating from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with degrees in history and philosophy, he went studied at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, California. He worked at several acclaimed culinary destinations, including the French Laundry, the Vail Cascade Hotel, and Todd English's Olives before returning to Baltimore in 2000 to become a personal chef.

In March 2002, he opened Charm City Cakes where he was able to show off his creativity, and the bakery became a household name on Ace of Cakes, which aired for ten seasons on Food Network. Most recently, Duff and his team have headed to Los Angeles to open a second location of the bakery, Charm City Cakes West, which is scheduled to open in August. 

Sugar High is produced by Authentic Entertainment.

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