Thursday, July 28, 2011


Metropolitan Restaurant and Copper Moose Farm are hosting a New Moon Farm-to-Table dinner at the farm in Park City July 29. 
Apparently the organic farm is partnering with various restaurants and chefs to do a series of these kinds of dinners.  According to the Copper Moose website, the evenings  start with a tour of the gardens and harvesting some of the meal's ingredients.  
Participants will then head to the kitchen to join Metropolitan's chef Justin Shifflett,  as well as local food purveyors, in preparing and cooking the evening’s dishes. Nutritional information and best cooking practices for fresh vegetables and organic, grass-fed meats and dairy will be discussed. 
            Each dinner is served with a huge, beautiful green salad from the farm, homemade salad dressing with farm herbs, local breads and cheese, homemade local desserts and fruit, and local beer/wine/whiskey.  The feast will then be enjoyed under the stars and among the flowers in an elegant farm setting. 
    Cost is $35 for food; $45 for a High West whiskey tasting.  To reserve a seat, go to

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