Sunday, July 24, 2011


My granddaughter Jayden spent a day with me last week.

We stayed pretty busy — going to the park and Cherry Hill,  making mac 'n' cheese, and playing puzzles and dolls — "Why do you keep calling her Barbie, Gran?"

We picked raspberries from the backyard, and she refused to taste them. Then some of the juice dripped out on her finger, and she licked it.  "It tastes like watermelon!" she exclaimed, and soon picked — and ate — all the ripe raspberries from the bushes.

An hour later, she said, "Let's check and see if more raspberries have turned red so I can eat them." Unfortunately, they didn't cooperate.

The grand finale was a birthday party for a 3-year-old across the street, where they served orange popsicles. (Show us your orange tongue just ONE MORE TIME!)

She found one of my son's old cowboy hats and decided to try it on. It's never been worn quite like this before.

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